A Slice of Life - Josh and Cara

Someone is kissing my cheek. It’s not sticky, and no one is giggling, so it’s not a child.

I open one eye and smile at my handsome husband of five years.

“Good morning, Carolina,” he says with a happy grin.

“Good morning.” I yawn and sit up, stretch my arms over my head. “Is the baby fussy? I’ll get up and take care of her.”

“She’s not fussy.” He climbs onto the bed behind me, straddles me and wraps his strong arms around me, pulling me against his hard chest. “In fact, the kids aren’t here.”

I frown. “What do you mean? Where are they?”

“My mom came and picked them up. They’re up the road at the big house.”

I tip my head back so I can look up at him. “Your mom seriously took the kids? Why?”

“Because I asked her to.” He drags his hand through my hair. “I wanted to spend the day with my bride.”

“Well, this is a nice surprise.” I wiggle, scooting more firmly against him, and grin when I feel him harden against my ass. “What are we going to do?”

“I’d planned to get you on a horse and go out to the tree.”

I frown and look out the massive window that looks out on our property. “This doesn’t look like outdoor weather.”

“No, late winter blizzard blew in overnight,” he says and sighs in disappointment. “So that’s out of the equation.”

“Thank God. I love you, and you know that I love that tree, but I’m not a blizzard lover.”


He kisses the top of my head and his hands glide up my belly to cup my breasts, making me sigh.


“You know that I can’t keep my hands off of you, right?”

I grin. I’m a naturally curvy woman, and having two babies in three years didn’t do my body any favors, but Josh never fails to remind me that he thinks I’m beautiful. I plant my hands on his thighs on either side of me and rub up and down, enjoying the way the light spattering of hair feels against my palms.

“That feeling is entirely mutual.”

His dick continues to harden against me, and my nipples harden in response. I want him. And knowing that there aren’t any little ones around to interrupt us is maybe the most exciting thing that’s happened around here in a while.

“I have something for you,” he says.

“Oh, I can feel it.”

He chuckles. “Something else.” He shimmies out from behind me, leaving me feeling cold, so I scoot back against the bed and huddle the covers around me as Josh walks across the room to our closet, disappears, and then returns seconds later, holding a small box.

A small, blue box with a white bow.

“What did you do?”

He just smiles smugly and sits next to me on the bed. “Carolina, you’ve given me the best five years of my life. You make this house a home, you make me laugh and feel comforted, and you’re the best damn mother I’ve ever seen.”

“I won’t tell your mom that you said that.”

His lips twitch. “Marrying you was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’d do it again every single day, and I want to make sure that you’re always taken care of. Happy.”

“I am happy.”

He passes the box to me and then rubs his fingers over his lips, the way he does when he’s nervous. His dimple is winking at me like crazy, so rather than immediately rip into this box, I lean in and press my lips there.

“I love you,” I whisper.

“I love you too,” he says. “Open it.”

I carefully pull the bow apart, tug the lid off the box, and stare down in absolute surprise.

“Tell me you don’t hate it.”

“How could I hate it?”

He takes the ring out of the box and slips it on my left ring finger, over my wedding band and sapphire engagement ring. The band is surrounded in diamonds and sapphires, and next to the other rings, shines brightly.

“It was the right time to buy you this anniversary band,” he says and pulls my hand up to kiss it.

“You’ve more than earned it.”

“Five years is a long time,” I say. “But it’s gone by in the blink of an eye.”

He sets the box aside and shucks out of his sweats and T-shirt, revealing that bronze skin and defined muscles that make me salivate, then rejoins me in the bed. I’m in a one of his old T-shirts and panties, my usual nighttime uniform now that we have the littles, but he makes fast work of pulling the shirt over my head and urging me to lie down.

“I just lost my shirt,” I murmur and smile when his big hand travels down my chest, over my belly and under my panties. “Oh my.”

“You like this?” he asks, pressing his fingertip gently on my clit.

“Hell yes, I like it.”

He leans in and kisses me softly. “I like it, too.”

“Five years, two babies, and the sex is still off the charts.”

His eyes roam over my hair, my face and my body. “Have you seen how fucking beautiful you are?”

“Have you seen what those babies have done to my body?”

“Battle scars,” he says lightly, as he moves between my legs and pushes inside me, stopping when he’s balls-deep. “I wouldn’t change a thing about you, baby.”

I bite my lip as he begins to move, reminding me with his body just how attracted to me he still is. He drives me crazy, building the sexual tension to a frenzy, until the orgasm moves through me, shattering me.

Josh buries his hand in my hair, holds on tightly and follows me over the edge into insanity.

“Jesus, baby, you make me crazy.”

I smile lazily and drag my fingertips down his back to his ass. “Best crazy ever.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Are the bears sleeping? Of course I’m hungry.”

“Good.” He kisses my chin and then my lips. “There are fresh huckleberry muffins in the kitchen.”

“Fantastic. And I don’t have to share them with a demanding three year old?”

“Nope, he has his own at the big house.” He rolls off of me, but doesn’t leave. His face is suddenly serious, his hand still roaming over me.

“What is it?”

“I just love you,” he replies and leans over to kiss me once more. “More than you’ll ever know.”

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