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noneotherrandomtext" " pksadiq: i think this one is good tseliot: you said you were having issues with the blank screen? how can i check what video driver im using? ss says it is i915 but lspci doesnt show it think this is an optimus card Ntemis: lspci -k | grep VGA pksadiq: are you doing this on a VM or have you installed the snap? I guess it's not a vm sssssss: here is the output of lspci: Ntemis: did you see this? tseliot: yep not working tseliot Ntemis: it's not working? What error message do you get? what command did you type? Failed to open VDPAU backend cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory following note: i can test that i am not nvidia because i dont have windows :) im on ubuntu Ntemis: that's not the command I told you to use, and please, pastebin the




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