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CADX – Create and Collaborate:A set of tools, extensibility points, and a new built-in profile that help you collaborate with and manage your CAD model, even when you don’t have a direct connection to a designer. (video: 4:07 min.)Document Management and Design History:Use your drawings to document your work. Batch-import and capture new drawings, or even entire folders of drawings, directly into your design documents.Add historical versions of your designs directly to your drawing.Databinding, Analysis, Statistics, and Statistics Templates:Accelerate your work with some of the most powerful, on-demand tools in the industry. Databinding is now easier, faster, and more reliable than ever, and adds real-time transparency and analysis to the entire drawing.Intuitive Tools for the Modern Designer:Featuring a modernized and interactive user interface, DesignCenter 3.0 helps you get work done faster. You can now see all features at once, find your way around the workspace, and customize the user interface to make it your own.PIP:The Power of Real-Time Correlation. PIP helps you make decisions and implement changes to your designs while you work. Get an instantaneous visual indication of how a change affects your drawing and make changes automatically.Improved and Accelerated Snapshots:Accelerate your work with real-time, incremental, snapshot-based workflows. Accelerate and improve your workflows through real-time previews of all your changes.Batch-Manipulate, or Manipulate Batch:Automate design change-sets and make them manageable even if you’re not a manual layout designer.Accelerate large design changes with batch operations.Organize your design change-sets by drawing set and region.Improved Geospatial and Text Generation:Prettify your tables, shapes, and text with more control and more consistency. Get suggestions as you type, and see results immediately as you type. Edit existing content, and apply those changes to your design in a single command.Improved Dashboards:Display your data with a cleaner, faster, more modern user interface. Keep your dashboards organized, streamlined, and instantly searchable.Data Management and 2be273e24d



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