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Alfaobd license key Alfaobd cd key Alfaobd full versionThe day before a February vote that divided the Senate in an intense bipartisan debate over how best to advance a trade agreement with Asia, the White House sent a series of nearly simultaneous tweets to President Donald Trump's most avid supporters, reminding them of how he had called out fellow members in the chamber. "This is why your president is the great negotiator that this country has never had," the social media posts to America First Action read, along with a link to Trump's "amazing" performance in the Senate on the very same day. The tweets fit within a pattern the group has shown in recent months, with the White House sending direct messages to the president's most vocal fans on Twitter, to share what the administration sees as positive developments in the president's "fight" to make America great. Two months into Trump's presidency, Trump's supporters say the president has been the most effective and most important member of his administration, and the White House responds with direct messages intended to cement that impression. The key is that these direct messages are more focused on reminding Trump's fans that he promised them to deliver on his promises than about the policy details. And they are sent through the official White House @POTUS account, not through Trump's personal @realDonaldTrump one, to further convey the impression they're coming from him. It's a strategic effort by Trump's supporters, to convince his fans that he has been — and is — fulfilling his promises. The outreach began during Trump's first days in the White House, and has never really stopped. On Jan. 20, when Trump decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that allowed undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children to work and study in the U.S., his supporters were quick to praise the president's decision. But a few days later, the White House wanted to change the record, noting that Trump had been and still is committed to "reforming" the law that brought those immigrants to the U.S. The group was quick to release a video that showed Trump signing an executive order to the effect. Since then, the majority of the direct messages sent to the president's supporters have been upbeat. Trump has said that Obamacare is collapsing and that Sen. John McCain was "last in his class" at the Naval War College, but his supporters were

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