“Why is it so hot?”

My beautiful bride of three years, Jillian, is sitting in her lawn chair, under a giant umbrella that I ordered on Amazon, with her feet in ice cold water in a blue kiddie pool.

“It’s actually only about eighty-two,” I reply with a grin and watch as s...


“Are you sure about this?” Natalie asks as her two young children run past all of us, into our living room where they can play with our daughter, Stella. “I mean, our kids are great, but—”

“But when Liv and Keaton are together, it’s a challenge,” Luke finishes for her...


“Are you married?” I ask the blonde sitting next to me at the bar and feel my lips twitch when she squirms in her seat, clearly uncomfortable with lying.

“No,” she says and smiles up at me.

My God, every time she smiles at me like that, I fall in love with her just a bit...


Someone is kissing my cheek. It’s not sticky, and no one is giggling, so it’s not a child.

I open one eye and smile at my handsome husband of five years.

“Good morning, Carolina,” he says with a happy grin.

“Good morning.” I yawn and sit up, stretch my arms over my head....


 “I miss him,” I admit into the phone and then cringe. “And if you make fun of me for admitting it, I’ll throat punch you the next time I see you.”

“Why would I make fun of you?” my brother, Luke, replies.

“Just because you’re a badass who always insisted that she’d nev...