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Bonus Content

WithMeInSeattle BONUS.jpg

With Me In Seattle Bonus Content

I've compiled more than a dozen bonus scenes that I've written over the years, and put them all in one place for you! Everything from Body Shots in Vegas to an epilogue in Nate's point of view. I hope you enjoy looking back on all of these fun stories!

BigSky BONUS.jpg

More Love From Montana

First up, I have an all-new, never before read short story that is not linked to my Big Sky series, but is set in Montana. If you love Cunningham Falls, I think you'll love this story as well. You'll also get to read two other stories, one featuring Cara and Josh, and the other about Zack and Jillian!

BayouMagic BONUS.jpg

Bayou Magic Bonus Content

While the featured story, Deadly Pledge, is not set in my Bayou Magic series, this story has the same "feel" as Shadows and Spells, with a spooky element. I hope you enjoy it!

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